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Joint trainings with the Coast Guard of Cyprus

Expedition "Sources of Europe" was completed in October 2011 in Cyprus. Right on the first day upon the arrival to the island Running on Waves got involved in joint trainings with the Coast Guard. Training had been conducted on evacuation of a conditionally injured crew member from the ship by a helicopter. A huge rotorcraft with a precision hovered over the ship, and let down on the deck the rope for a lifeguard then flew in a circle, came back, took the "victim" in the cradle and flew away under the noise of screws and cheers of an enthusiastic audience on board and on shore. This event took place at the beam of the famous crowded Finikoudes promenade in Larnaca. After that even a note was published in the Cypriot Russian newspaper: that Cyprus has everything, even "his own training ship “Running on Waves"”. Never trust journalists!

Publication date: 15.10.2011 20:45:59