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Liturgy of Bishop of Paralimni and Famagusta, Vasily, aboard “Running on Waves” on the high seas

On the last day at the Holy Mount Athos the guest of honor, Bishop of Paralimni and Famagusta, Vasily, climbed aboard. And the next day, on May 20, 2013, near the island of Ikaria he conducted the Divine Liturgy on board. Here's how Archpriest Alexander Smolievsky, presented on the liturgy, commented it: "Survey of this level is usually held upon big religious holidays in the key temples with dozens of priests helping to the bishop. Consecration of ships is the usual practice nowadays. But conducting the liturgy by the bishop on board is a honor that falls on one ship from dozens, if not hundreds." Everybody, presented at the liturgy, noticed unusually beautiful natural glowing during the service. It appeared as shimmering mist in the beginning, and transformed to suddenly erupted mirriada of specular highlights on the surface of the water at the end.

Publication date: 20.05.2013 16:55:03