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Mission to the Holy Mount Athos

Early May 2013 “Running on Waves” with a special mission left the port of Piraeus and headed to the left finger of Halkidiki, which is the Athos Monastic Republic. The mission was to deliver to the monastery of Vatopedi an icon of St. Orthodox Warior Fyodor Ushakov, written by sketches of Fyodor Konyukhov specifically for Mount Athos. Konyukhov blessed cosmonauts Georgy Grechko and Alexander Alexandrov on handing the Icon to Vatopedi abbot. Mission was accompanied by a few TV channels and journalists from a neatly selected press, just because the limited space aboard. Also, pilgrims had to be transfered to Mount Athos by the sailboat, because one of the main purposes of the Athos brotherhood by the Charter of Mount Athos is the reception of pilgrims. The mission included visits to several Athos monasteries and cells, and the actual transfer of Ushakov’s icon to the Vatopedi abbot. In response, the crew of the ship was awarded with Vsetsaritsa Icon by the Greek monks. The icon took pride of place in the saloon of the ship. The cosmonaut Georgy Grechko was so inspired by the Holy Mount Athos, that he compared this trip to a space flight.

Publication date: 10.05.2013 19:25:56