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Luxury yacht rentals

Luxury Greek Island Cruises. A true sailing adventure 2018

4 Aegean & Ionian cruises with various islands and towns. Cruise in royal comfort!

Over the spring months and through the end of June, we run Greek cruises in the Aegean Sea, which offers very warm weather at this time.
Then during July and August – when warm weather comes to the Ionian Sea – we run Greek cruises into this aquatic area.
Simply order a cabin aboard the sail ship Running on Waves – and you will find yourself flying under its sails in no time!

Just call: +35620341583

For CRUISES information and reservations in the US and Canada Call: 1-800-526-8539

Special discount 5 % for early booking till 3 months prior to cruise departure date!

June 02 – 09 “Adriatic Plus” Cruise Dubrovnik/Gruz – Kotor – Korfu – Lefkas/Vasiliki – Ithaki/Vathi – Itea – Corinth Canal – Lavrion/Nafplion
August 18 – 25 Ionian cruise Corfu – Paxi –Antipaxi – Lefkada –Kefalonia – Zakinthos - Ithaki – Saranda – Corfu
September 8 - 15 Cyclades cruise Athens/Lavrion - Milos - Santorini - Ios - Paros - Delos - Mykonos - Siros - Lavrion/Nafplion


How do you choose from a multitude of available sea voyages and Greek cruises?
How do you choose the right one for you, the one to which you want to return?

From the very beginning, keep in mind that on many such liners the only way to remember that you are at sea is to look out the window. The overall experience is that of a house traveling on water. Such “house” stops only in large ports. All itineraries are well-trodden. People are treated like widgets on a conveyor belt.

However, take into account that comfort onboard of small yachts is limited – there is no room to stretch out. There is also limited stock of drinking and potable water. And don’t forget heavy sea sickness! Ladies, forget about beautiful hair styles and evening gowns.

Your choice is a luxurious motor yacht? Splendid option. However, it costs as much as one, or even two brand-new sports cars; surely, it may be affordable to some…

Running on Waves is the only sailing ship in the world with draft of only 3.2 meters (as with an average yacht). Usually, draft of comparable sailing ships is over 5 meters. Running on Waves is the world’s only “A” class sailing ship with a lead ballast. Because of that and the wide use of composite materials in ship’s construction allowed to get such low draft, which enables our sailing ship to enter bays and marinas inaccessible to cruise liners. This is ideal for a journey where you may deviate from “well-trodden” tourist itineraries. For example, what about stopping right near beaches as if onboard of a tiny yacht?

Running on Waves offers the highest level of comfort awarded by the most modern technologies, such as rocking attenuators, air conditioning in the cabins and excellent customer service – all this against a backdrop of the unique interior design. Significant dimensions of the ship (length 64 meters and width 9 meters) allow accommodating 42 passengers in 18 cabins. It may not seem like much, but it is a no small amount. This is ideal for a journey where one may want to both be left alone and join a group. Besides more generous cabin sizes, every passenger here enjoys three times more of the available open teakwood deck space than on ships of similar price category. To put it in numbers, this means an allotment of 15.5 square meters of teakwood deck per each passenger*! To put it in more palpable terms of experience – this is a feeling of exclusiveness of a prestige mega-yacht guest. No congestion of people. The ideal space for rest.

*on basis of accommodating 2 passengers in every cabin.