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Luxury yacht rentals

Luxury yacht charter

The term “charter” in yachting means to reserve an entire vessel for a private journey along your own itinerary. Without a doubt, such journey has its own charm – you map out the itinerary, you determine places and duration of stays…

The luxury yacht charter on board of “Running on Waves” will delight the fans of active relaxation. Water sports center is fully fitted for diving as well as offering access to kayaks, water skis, wakeboard, windsurfing and even underwater towing device. Yoga fans can enjoy lessons with an instructor.

You may rent luxury charter yacht and conduct a corporate event, a workshop or training at the highest level. For this purpose the chief cabin has multimedia equipment: video projector, a Hi-End sound system and simultaneous translation. After the event, the same hall may be easily transformed to a dance floor with light effects, bar and cinema hall.

And what is more, “Running on Waves” has become the place for uniting hearts and destinies of people in love. Luxury yacht charters for weddings, birthdays and other significant events are celebrated here according to a special “sea” program.

A lot can be said about the advantages of any Running on Waves luxury yacht charters; however, here is THE MOST IMPORTANT: a luxury vessel, and with sails at that, and one that can accommodate 42 guests comfortably… well, ours is, perhaps, the only one in the world like it. 42 is considered an optimal number of guests for a VIP event. Trust us, your guests will remember an event aboard this sail ship as the most exclusive one they’ve attended!



The sailing ship “Running on Waves” is very new; she was built by Segel MASTEN Yachten in 2011. The “Running on Waves” is the sail ship of the ХХI century. It combines in itself the forms of a classic clipper with added modern lines, and has been based on the latest in design technologies using innovative materials. The “Running on Waves” has full rig and highly productive engines.

The ship has impressive dimensions — 64 meters (210 feet) long yet with a relatively small draft – 3.2 m (10.5 feet), which is comparable with a mid-size yacht. This gives us unprecedented advantages while mapping out itineraries that may not be accessible by any other sail ship in the world.

“Running on Waves” can accommodate up to 42 guests in 18 cabins of various classes: Mini-suites with king-size bed and soft angle sofa, 4 two-berth cabins of Premium class (with large king-size bed), 4 two-berth cabins of Standard class (with king-size bed), 1 two-berth cabin of Standard class (with two beds), 3 two-berth cabins of Standard class (two beds one over another), 5 three-berth cabins of Economy class (two beds underneath and one upper bed).


1,5 tons of fuel per day (24 hrs.)
Cost of fuel / 1 ton = 800 Euro


0,5 tons per day (hrs.)
Cost of fuel / 1 ton = 800 Euro

The sailing ship “Running on Waves” is accessible for Greek and Eastern Mediterranean yacht charters; however, on request, it may be brought to just about any water-covered area on Earth. A detailed estimate may be requested by phone: +356-20-341583 or by sending an E-mail to charter@88parsec.com.

Choose the best luxury yacht charter to Mediterranean with Running on Waves!

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