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Art-expedition "Over the three seas"

Day Island/Port Arrival Departure
Day 1 Corfu 20.00
Day 2 Cefalonia 13:00 23:00
Day 3 Zakinth 04.00 14.00
Day 4 On the sea
Day 5 Cape Saunion 07.00 09.00
Day 5 Lavrion port 10.00 14.00
Day 6 Santorini 07.00 14.00
Day 7 On the sea
Day 8 Limassol 23.00

Photo cruise "Over the tree seas" of one of the top luxury cruise lines, Running on Waves. Route: Corfu - Cefalonia - Zakinth - Cape Saunion - Santorini - Cyprus - the route was planned together with the Russian famous marine photographer Yuri Masliaev.

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Thematic cruise which unites creative people, contemporary photography artists and fans
Who search for new opportunities of art works creation
Aimed at impressing with its exclusive original theme and production

Photo expedition through Aegean, Ionic and Mediterranean seas will inspire you to make the most unique photos of your own.
During these 7 days you will visit the unknown exotic spots in the seas.

You will have the opportunity to make both photo sessions from the ship and from the most wonderful spots on earth: Corfu, Cefalonia, Zakinth, Santorini and Cyprus.

Especially for the photo expedition the ship will go to the north to Cape Saunion only for several hours
To see the dawn light going through the Poseidon Temple on the top of the rock.
Time and place for photo sessions are picked up for the best photo collection to be made.



The Art expedition 2014 begins with the main island of the Ionian Sea, which is the island of Corfu. By international flights Corfu is connected with all the major airports of Europe, with many cities in Russia and CIS countries. There are daily low-cost flights from Corfu to major hubs in Greece - Athens and Thessaloniki. “Kerkyra” is not only the name of the city, but, also, it’s the historical name of the whole island. Often you can hear that the Greeks them-selves call the city and the island in general as Kerkyra. This town is small cozy and very interesting..

Corfu belonged to Venice for about 400 years (15-18 cc.) and lots of buildings were made during that time in baroque style. Among them are narrow winding streets with low balconies, surrounded by flowers, lead-ing to a majestic promenade along the sea with an abundance of fountains, with palaces and colonnades.

Corfu is a paradise for those who love exotic. It is associated with the journey of Jason and the Argonauts, because, their crew stopped here on the way back after they acquired the Golden Fleece. Also, Odysseus landed here when he was going to Ithaca. Walks through fabulous groves and forests with giant ancient olives leave no one indifferent. Only there specific varieties of olives grow, reaching 10 meters in height. Their ancient branches like giant paws of dragons create a unique fairy view of fabulous forests of Corfu.
The island of Corfu is not the largest among the Greek islands. It is on the seventh place in its size, but that does not prevent it from being famous as one of the most beautiful places in Greece. We’ll set sail from Corfu in the evening so guests can enjoy magnificent views of the island going beyond the horizon with colors of sunset and the sea while sailing. The first night on the ship is always opening of the ship for its guests, sailcloth, unfolding over a head, commands of sailing rush jobs familiar from childhood and from books, familiarity with a team, dinner at a swaying mess-room, deck chairs ...


We’ll arrive to Kefalonia, just like we were arriving to Paxos and Lefkada, early in the morning. Kefalonia is located in front of Patras and has the highest number of sunny days in Greece. Air is so clean and transparent, that you can see from a mountain pass not only the second half of the island in details, but, also, you cannot take your eyes off the nearby Ithaca, like enchanted. Ithaca rests in the sea with her numerous pointed hills, covered with dense forests of various shades of green

If you’ll go from the mountain pass down to the fishing village of Fiskardo, you will be embraced by tender emotions from a dollish view of this village. Everything is so incredibly beautiful. All buildings at Fiskardo are real ancestral architecture of the Ionian Islands. Houses were restored and function as hotels now, first floors of which are often occupied by souvenir shops and taverns. Also, there are tables, served at the sea-front right near water with hospitality, and endless yachts and boats, floating around the whole village.
But the best impression you will get from swimming at the beach of Myrtos. Let us say at once, this is the best beach in the whole Ionian archipelago, which is famous for its beaches. Imagine a grand white beach, sea with its unnatural transparency and quartz- blue hue. This is the top view. But if to watch from below, from the water, steep deserted cliffs create an impression of complete solitude (cars and people simply cannot be marked by an eye, because of the tremendousness of this natural construction) in the middle of crystal water, in silence (sounds are lost somewhere too). Briefly, feelings from swimming at the beach of Myrtos are so unusual and magnificent, that you will hardly ever forget it. Myrtos is one of the five best beaches in the world by its beauty.


Zakynthos is gorgeous and beautiful. Not visiting it is not to see a place of a great natural beauty. Zakynthos is so interesting that Running on Waves stays at it for two days. This is the only one island on the route, where the ship will be staying for so long. But Zakynthos is worthy! Zakynthos, is the only one among the Greek islands, has the interna-tional status of nature reserve. National Marine Park and Reserve was opened in 1999 and includes beaches Limni Keri, Laganos, Kalamaki Strofades, and two small islands to the South of Zakifa. The Reserve Park is represented by sand dunes fringed by lush greenery. It is a home for rare turtles, dolphins, sea birds, porcupines and iguanas.

The picturesque white bay Navageo is one of the main natural attractions of the island.
Zakynthos Island is one of the few places where you can observe primordial rare turtle Caretta -Caretta in a natural environment. There are many churches, built in the Byzantine style, on the island. The most interesting of them are following: the Temple of Saint Denis, built in honor of the patron of Zakynthos; the medieval church of St. Nicholas (17th century), the church of St. Maurus, painted with ancient frescoes, and the tiny church of Sant Elipsos, hidden on a rock among olive trees.
Nightclubs, pubs, bars and discos are mainly concentrated in the southern parts of the island, such as Lag-anos, Kalamaki, Zakynthos and Alikes. The most popular clubs are Barrage and Factory in Zakynthos and Rescue in Laganos. Island is really fascinating with its fabulous beauty. Nestled in lush green forests, sur-rounded by bright white light of the coastal cliffs and wide sandy beaches with sandbars, washed by sun-light, island is languidly basking under the turquoise sky.


Santorini is essentially what remains after an enor-mous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera. The island remains the home of a small, but flourishing, wine industry, based on the indigenous grape variety, Assyrtiko, with auxiliary cultivations of two other Aegean varie-tals, Athiri and Aidani.


The cape Sunion - the most southern point of Attica in 65 kilometers to the South from Athens. It rises almost vertically from the sea by big height, forming the foothills in the west of the gulf with a small isthmus in east bay. Now the territory of the cape is national park. Specially, to visit this historical place where it is possible to take unique pictures, Running on Waves leaves to the north from a direct route almost on 100 miles.

Главная достопримечательность мыса Сунион - величественный и прекрасный храм Посейдона. Сунион был форпостом Афин и выступал своеобразной наблюдательной вышкой, имеющей видимость на многие десятки километров. Еще мыс Сунион известен неповторимыми, фантастическими восходами.


Limassol – the second-large city of Cyprus which is located in the southern part of the island. It is the largest Cyprian shopping, financial, tourist and cultural center. It settles down practically at identical distance from the main sights of Cyprus.

The city is located on the southern part of the island, lying on the coast, which valuably in itself. But not only beaches attract vacationers from around the world. This part of a seaside zone abounds with sights which everyone would like to visit.