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Cruise across the Aegean Sea

Day Island/Port Arrival Departure
Day 1 Kos 19.00
Day 2 Astypaleya 08.00 17.30
Day 3 Santorini 08.00 21.30
Day 4 Paros 09.00 23.00
Day 5 Delos 09.00 15.00
Day 5 Mykonos 17.00 22.00
Day 6 Patmos 10.00 24.00
Day 7 Bodrum 14.00 23.00
Day 8 Kos 07:00

Week of one of the best luxury cruises on the most amazing islands of the Aegean Sea: Kos - Astipalaia - Santorini - Paros - Delos - Mykonos - Patmos - Bodrum - Kos

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Kos – the most interesting Greek island

Location of the island is such that its culture combines Ancient Greece and Ottoman Empire, history added here a bit of Byzantine, a pinch of Great Rome, topped with Maltese knightly order and forwarded to your table! Bonne appétit!
Kos is the motherland of Hippocrates medicine. It is very cozy, with warm energetics and cheerful inhabitants of the island.
If there is time before departure one may walk to medieval fortress of Nerandzya Joanite knights at the entrance to which a unique tree of giant dimension grows – sycamore under which Hippocrates used to tell his pupils about basics of medical treatment. Ancient Agora is located nearby, which once was the largest market of the Ancient Greece. Hercules’ temple and ruins of Aphrodite temple are inside.


Astypaleya – the most unusual island

Miracles in Greece are not always explained by myths and legends. Here, for example, Astipaleya –the island the shape of which resembles a butterfly. This butterfly is not mentioned anywhere in mythology, but this is for good as one may invent his own story!
Wings of the butterfly-island are connected with a neck, the narrowest place of which is only 130 meters. Nevertheless it did not prevent from building the airport namely here.
We shall visit shores of the both parts. In the beginning we shall visit the western part, opposite Horus. Old town or Horus is the second name of Astipaleya and it is one of the most beautiful settlements in the Aegean sea, which were built on a rock. Venetian fortress of Guerini of the 13 century with snow-white domes of the She-Evangelist and Saint George reigns on the very top. White houses with blue windows, doors, balconies and wooden handrails are scattered around the fortress.
Then we shall moor to the eastern part of the island – the Maltezana beach. This area got its name from Maltese pirates who used the island as the bridgehead for their assaults.


Santorini – the most volcanic island of Greece

The largest sea volcano in the world, part of the crater of which went under water during the eruption thus creating caldera – a funnel filled with sea water. This caused huge tsunami, the consequence of which led to sunset of Minoan civilization. There is a version that namely this tsunami perished Atlántida.
Edge of the caldera is the upright rock approximately 300 meters high. One may get to the top on foot overcoming 687 steps or astride a mountain canary upon picturesque road lined with stones or on a funicular. Coming up to 220 meters high above the sea level you will turn out to be in the most beautiful town of Fira – the capital of Santorini.
Picturesque views of the town attract cinema directors, painters and photographers of the entire world. Not without reason people say that all the most beautiful pictures of Greece were made here – snow-white houses, blue roofs and thrilling view on the sea and sky merger.
All sunsets which may be seen here, at Santorini, are unique as color of the sea before sunset never repeats, sky color becomes unnatural, picture of waves, shapes of clouds, smells and wind – the picture appears to be magic. Add to this multicolored beaches with volcano sand of incredible colors and you will get one of the most wonderful places on Earth!


Paros – the most Greek island

Namely here Greece lives – with quiet villages, narrow streets, monasteries, walls of which have been saturated with prays during many centuries, with winemaking equal to which difficult to find and with stone carries from where marble has been taken for all pieces of Antic art (including sculpture of The Venus of Milo). Ancient marble stone carries survived at the island near Marafi settlement. The list of sightseeing places of the island also includes: the Archeological museum, semi-destructed Venetian fortress in the center of the old town, Saint George’s church and the Church of Hundred Doors (Ekatondapigliani).
Greece lives here and it is always glad to see guests. You will feel it as soon as you put your step on shore of Paros island.

Antiparos – the oldest Cycladean island

Antiparos is the undisturbed tiny island with low hills, plenty of splendid beaches and small picturesque port. Of late Antiparos became a beloved place for stay for Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Monika Bellucci and many others. Namely here the stars acquired luxurious houses for themselves.
Famous stalactite cave Agios-Ioannis which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and mysterious caves in the world is located at Antiparos.


Delos – the largest island-museum

Delos island is the absolutely unique place of our planet as the entire island is one of the largest outdoor museums in the world. Here you may feel yourself to be a real archeologist getting into a lost ancient town!
During stroll along the island it is absolutely necessary to see the terrace of lions that protect the Holy lake where, according to a legend, god Apollo was born. Look onto the theatre and wonderful mosaics in the House of dolphins. Long narrow building - the Monument to bulls is located to the east of the temples. Private residential houses as well as places for athletes training – palaestra survived till present time, and to the east from the Lake one may find Stadium and Gymnasium.

Mykonos – the most Bohemian island

Mykonos is direct contrast to Delos. It is the island of our days celebrities and not the island of spirits of the past. Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt, Madonna and Mike Jagger, Gina Lollobrigida and Sofia Loren quite often come – this is a holiday! Enjoy!


Patmos – the most up-front island

St. John the Evangelist wrote the “Apocalypse” or the “Revelation” while living in exile on this island. Over 50 churches and monasteries saturated the island with religiosity.
Being on excursion on the island try to listen to you: it may happen that majestic nature, atmosphere of Christianity and incredible peace of Patmos will grant important thoughts on eternity.
Indeed, we are going to the Apocalypse cave – main sight of interest and pride of Patmos. Apostle John lived namely here and here he heard the Devine voice and wrote his Revelation.


Bodrum – the most sleepless town

Bodrum already charms with its panorama view — snow-white, very much looking like Greek towns although this is Turkey’s shore.
Bodrum is considered to be the center of artistic Bohemia. Famous musicians, singers, writers, actors, directors and painters come here. Their picture galleries attract many lovers and worshippers of art and night life.
Legendary Halicarnassus once stood at place of the center of modern Bodrum which preserved for ancestors multiple monuments of art and culture. We suggest seeing them during bus and walking excursion in the town.