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Most luxurious cruise ship

Freedom. Sea. Sails.

We proudly represent the legendary sail ship “Running on Waves” listed among the top twenty luxury ships for having unique technical capacities!


Even at the ship’s inception, many well-known design engineer who have seen the proposed design concept for the future mega-yacht “Running on Waves,” asserted that such sail ship may not be built. Project creators wanted to offer future passengers not only the taste of sea freedom under the real sail but also living accommodations on the highest level. Therefore, they wanted to combine maneuverability of a sport yacht, the highest standards of comfort and decor, and a small draft. At the same time, all that was supposed to be in the form of an enormous diving boat! Nevertheless, a puzzle has been solved.

It is the super-modern luxury cruise ship of the high ocean class – “Running on Waves” – the unique technical features of which are confirmed by the US Patent Department. Specialists call “Running on Waves” a masterpiece of modern ship building.


- Running on Waves is second to known among other luxury cruise ships as regards beauty and high nautical qualities. The media called “Running on Waves” the most beautiful sail ship of the ХХI century, whereas its nautical quality is determined by its high ocean class +100 A5 – unlimited sailing region except for glacial latitudes in winter time.

Level of comfort on board of Running on Waves is one of the highest among other luxury ships. Significant dimensions of the ship (length 64 meters and width 9 meters) accommodate up to 42 passengers in 18 cabins. While it is not much, it is not a small thing, either. Such size is ideal for a voyage where one may want to both be left alone and be part of a group. Running on Waves is not the most expensive cruise ship, the price is equal to your comfort.

About the deck space


Besides more generous cabin sizes, every passenger here enjoys three times more of the available open teakwood deck space than on the most expensive cruise ship. To put it in numbers, this means an allotment of 15.5 square meters of teakwood deck per each passenger*! To put it in more palpable terms of experience – this is a feeling of exclusiveness of a prestige mega-yacht guest. No congestion of people. The ideal space for rest and relaxation.

* on basis of accommodating 2 passengers in every cabin.


- Singularity of selected itineraries. “Running on Waves” is the only “A” class sail ship with such a small draft (only 3.2 meters). Even the most luxurious cruise ship of such dimensions has draft of more than 5 meters. “Running on Waves” is the world’s only “A” class sail ship with a lead ballast. Because of that and the wide use of composite materials in ship’s construction allowed to get such low draft, which enables our sail ship to enter bays and marinas inaccessible to cruise liners. This is ideal for a journey where you may deviate from “well-trodden” tourist itineraries. For example, what about stopping right near beaches as if onboard of a tiny yacht?

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- A chance to feel like part of the crew - learn to manage sails, climb masts, orient oneself upon the skies, make sea knots, map out the ship’s itinerary and, may be the most exciting experience ever! You can get behind the steering wheel and guide the “Running” on the open sea!

All about onboard entertainment


- Ample opportunities for water recreation and sports. A hydraulic rig converts the stern into a platform for easy access to the water. This allows swimming in the open sea with no staircases and off board jumping, as well as access to various extreme water sports. A fully equipped diving center, with everything needed for snorkeling; kayaks, sea skis, windsurfing, wakeboard and even an underwater towing vehicle are at your service.

All about sport on board


- Comprehensive passenger care. The ship has vast space of shaded areas, creating spacious shade zones on open decks. Rocking attenuators protect passengers from sea sickness. All cabins are fitted with air conditioners and heating, transmission from underwater and overwater cameras, as well as data from navigation devices are broadcast from the conning room to the multifunction TV monitors in the cabins. An optimally crafted itinerary masterfully combines trips at sea, events onboard and excursions on land.

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Luxury cruise ship “Running on Waves”—
a blend of traditional and modern —
is the ideal place for the ideal vacation!