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Luxury yacht rentals

Wedding on a boat

There are many ways to make your wedding a special event: to climb a mountain, to have a nice dinner with guests and family, to go to Hawaii and hula dance, to get married in a castle like Madonna dressed in a Medieval outfit, etc. But you should agree that a wedding on a boat is one of the most romantic.

Sailing tall ship Running on Waves is a perfect choice for a boat wedding, while celebrating with a few dearest people under its snow-white sails. Gala dinner can have equal success right in the middle of the sea during a journey or while anchored in a tiny bay. Cruise ship weddings photo session under the sails and on the beach, champagne on the deck just before sunset, symbolic ceremony by the Captain will stay in the memories of just married couples forever.

Watch our video showing bride’s emotions after getting married on a cruise ship. She said that becoming sailors is one part of the wedding on cruise nobody thought of before. And it is true, we have diving, mast climbing equipment and experienced instructor. You will learn about celestial navigation and how to run the ship.

A Wedding on boat is full of surprises. You can become a pirate, princess, or treasure hunter and watch a great show to feel that historical adventure as your own on board our tall ship!

Our luxury cabins with the highest level of comfort are very affordable, you can compare their price to a stay at a good hotel. This is a very important factor! So a wedding on cruise can be affordable! Think of it when choosing among cruise ship weddings to get the best deal!

Getting married on a cruise ship? Why not?

  • Decorated cabin
  • Photographer
  • Water sports and bathing in beautiful bays
  • Snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaks, wakes and waterskies
  • Excursions
  • Gala Dinner
  • Unimaginable culinary delights
  • Karaoke, sound and cinema equipment

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