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Luxury yacht rentals


For those who think that Aristotle’s peripatetics had more success in learning because they did it while strolling under olive trees and enjoying sea view than nowadays corporate learning attendees sitting in boring commonplace rooms..


Leading world universities and corporations have already opened this way of learning with “Running on Waves” for themselves and arrange their trainings onboard our ship quite regularly.

If you wish to join these progressive people who felt with their intuition that studying process mixed with the Sun, the sea, picturesque places, delicious food, yoga and fun is more productive than anything else, please feel free to ask us to make it possible.

Here is an example of such programme


5 days/4 nights

Athens (Lavrion) - Santorini - Paros - Mykonos - Delos - Syros - Athens (Lavrion).

Day 1

5:00 pm Departure from Lavrion.

Briefing. Bridge-tour, engine room tour. Captain's dinner. Karaoke. Disco. Movie night.

Day 2


09 – 11 am Seminars.

11 am – 1 pm. Sailor’s knots master-class, mast climbing.


14:00 arrival at Santorini, tour around one of the most mesmerizing Mediterranean volcano islands with stunning views on each corner. Excursions. Swimming.

Visiting Oia peninsula. Sundowners.

Dinner. Karaoke. Disco. Movie night.


Day 3

6:00 am Arrival at Paros.


Enjoying unrivalled natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes of Paros, located at the heart of the Cyclades.


09 – 11 am Seminars.

11 am – 1 pm Swimming + water sports.


Walk around the island.

Riding at anchor until 4 pm.

Departure to Mykonos.

More master classes along the way (as example, navigation of the ship from the Fly Bridge).


Arrival at Mykonos, Partying all night long.

Day 4

Yoga for those who wish.

8 am Departure to Delos.


Riding at anchor until 1 pm,

Tour to the largest island-museum. Here you may feel like a real archeologist getting into a lost ancient town!

1 pm Departure to Syros.


Rigging master class.

4 pm – Stay at Syros.

Swimming, walking around the island, around picturesque streets of traditional villages, exploring gorgeous beaches and impressive caves.

Photo safari. Wine tasting.

Riding on anchor until 10 pm.

Dinner. Karaoke. Disco. Movie night.

Day 5



09 – 11 am Seminars.

Arrival in Lavrion.

12:00 – check out

Please note that the programme can be adapted to your particular needs – for example - more or less seminars or any activities.