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Luxury yacht rentals

Luxury boat rental for diving

Running on Waves boat rental: 64 meters of comfort with hydraulic ramp for easy access to the water! Mediterranean Sea invites divers from all over the planet to explore the place, where civilizations were born and died many ages ago.

Boat rental for diving is a great idea, you can discover the underwater archeological artefacts, anchors cemetery, ship wrecks and cave diving. Running on Waves luxury boat will bring you from one spot to another under it's snow-white sails and will let you enjoy its Mediterranean cuisine in a wonderfully furnished restaurant.

We know that the most important thing for a diver is safety and regularity. That’s why our luxury boat can reach diving destinations in a short time, and it is stable in the sea. We have diving equipment and experienced instructor.


Diving tour on the luxury boat. Call: +356-20-341583. E-mail: charter@88parsec.com

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